Film Talk: Chinese Independent Cinema


Modern Chinese cinema is developing in a complicated environment, encompassing rich cultural and historical resources, growing international communication, changing social structures, a rapidly-growing domestic film market and a strict censorship system. Under these conditions, what is Chinese cinema to these new director? How would they like to depict China? What is the future of Chinese cinema from their perspective, and how will they find their place in it? And how can they express their serious artistic aspirations in a film market as exceedingly commercial as China’s?

日期 Date: 29-Oct
時間Time: 5:45pm
地點 Venue: 百老匯電影中心1樓
Broadway Cinematheque 1/F
嘉賓Guest: 劉雨霖 Liu Yu-lin, 李雲波 Li Yun-bo, 邢健 Xing Jian, 葉雲 Ye Yun

* 普通話進行,費用全免
Conducted in Putonghua. Free of Charge.