Time & Venue
*9/11 10:00PM MM


In 2005, a high-profile case of a police officer who disappeared during a forest hike spawned urban legends about the existence of a gateway into another world. In 2016, those legends inspired popular internet novel Missing, which is now being adapted into an eerie supernatural thriller by first-time director and Fresh Wave alum Ronnie Chau. Former pop idol Gillian Chung stars as a social worker who hires a mountain guide to search for her missing father in the mountains. She discovers the mystical gateway from the urban legends, but is her father really waiting for her on the other side?

香港 Hong Kong / 2019 / 85 min /
In Cantonese with Chinese and
English subtitles

導演 Dir:
趙羅尼 Ronnie Chau
演員 Cast:
鍾欣潼 Gillian Chung,
凌文龍 Ling Man-lung,
余安安 Candice Yu,
顧美華 Josephine Koo,
高翰文 Ko Hon-man,
賈曉晨 JJ Jia,
梁祖堯 Joey Leung