HKAFF X REEL TO REEL INSTITUTE — 'The Origins of Cinema' Workshop
Date 14 Nov (Sun)
Time 3:30PM
Language Conducted in Cantonese
Venue Broadway Cinematheque

Let us understand cinema from its origins!

The early days of cinema was an era when creativity burst forth. Commercial organisations, flmmakers or inventors all over the world rushed to create various machines and flms for shooting and viewing moving images. It was originally some continuous images frame by frame, but in just a few decades it has become a popular and entertaining activity. In the digital age, the materiality of cinema has been re-emphasised. There have been many discussions and movements on the inheritance of cinematic experiences in various periods.

The talk focuses on the history and technological development of cinema and their infuence on flm creation. Participants will also have the opportunity to come close to the celluloid flms and projector, and understand

its historical and aesthetic signifcance.



Fee: $65Includes one storybookThe Origins of Cinema & one ticket of 14/11 The Forbidden Reel screening