Talk : Visualising Kurdish Lives Through Film
Date 4 Nov 2022 (Fri)
Time 8:35PM (After the screening of Voicing Voices)
Language Conducted in English
Venue House 4, Broadway Cinematheque
Guests Övgü Gökçe Yaşa (Director, Diyarbakır Arts Center), with Voicing Voices directors Nalin Acar, Aylin Kızıl and Zelal Sadak

Throughout the years, Kurdish cinema has long been represented by filmmakers based outside of their ancestral lands. But there is an increasingly visible and vibrant generation of filmmakers coming of age, with work that presents daily life portraits as well as diverse representations of the existing reality. In this talk, the artists behind the Voicing Voices project will discuss the potential of both moving and still images in making Kurdish voices heard, both at home and abroad.

*Free Admission. Priority will be given to ticket holders.