Da Capo
South Korea / 2020 / 100 min
In Korean with English subtitles

Following Behind the Dark Night, an indie mockumentary about aspiring student filmmakers, writer-director Shim Chan-yang takes on indie music for his second film, which features singer-songwriter Isaac Hong and classical guitarist Jang Ha-eun in their acting debuts. Struggling songwriter Tae-il barely gets by composing commercial music while having to constantly make compromises. Missing the old days when he made music from the heart, he returns to his hometown. He runs into his ex-bandmate and crush Ji-won, and ends up mentoring her students for a music contest. In the process, Tae-il also becomes inspired to complete the unfinished songs and unfulfilled love of his youth.


Chanyang SHIM
Isaac HONG
Haeun JANG
11/11 7:50PM Broadway The ONE
* 15/11 1:00PM Broadway Cinematheque