Reflections from Palestine during Covid-19
Palestine / 2020 / 71 min
In Arabic with English subtitles

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected lives across the globe. Unable to film on traditional film sets, filmmakers have been forced to come up with fresh, creative ways to tell their stories. Filmlab Palestine, an organisation that aims to support young Palestinian filmmakers and their film industry, has compiled this inspiring collection of 13 short films that capture the Palestinian perspective of this trying time. These films and visual essays convey the broad range of emotions that come with living under lockdown as well as the artists’views on how this health crisis has further escalated the complicated political situation in the volatile region.


Yousef Nateel
Mohamed Jabaly
Rozeen Bisharat
Sameer Qumsiyeh
Laila Abbas
Najwa Najjar
Bilai Alkhatib
Ihab Jadallah
Majdi El-Omari
Maha Haj
Mohamed Harb
Dima Abu Ghoush
Muayad Alayan
* 04/11 7:30PM Broadway Cinematheque
17/11 7:35PM Broadway Cinematheque