Mekong 2030
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos / 2020 / 94 min
In Khmer, Lao, Akha, Thai and Vietnamese with English subtitles
Tokyo International Film Festival
Cambodia International Film Festival

Extending from China to Southeast Asia, the Mekong River serves as a vital natural and economic lifeline for the regions it runs through. However, the river – and the communities that depend on it – is increasingly threatened by climate change, pollution and industrial expansion. Produced by the Luang Prabang Film Festival, the pan-Asian collaboration Mekong 2030 gathers filmmakers from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam for a Ten Years-style anthology that envisions the state of the river in the year 2030. The five narrative shorts provide perspective from each region through diverse, allegorical stories that present a sobering vision and crucial plea for the Mekong’s future.


Kulikar Sotho
Anysay Keola
Sai Naw Kham
Anocha Suwichakornpong
Pham Ngoc Lan
14/11 1:30PM Broadway Cinematheque
19/11 8:00PM Broadway Cinematheque