The Sanggyedong Olympics/ The 6 Days Struggle at the Myong-Dong Cathedral
South Korea / 1988 / 27 min, South Korea / 1997 / 74 min
In Korean with English subtitles
The Sanggyedong Olympics:
Taiwan International Documentary Festival
Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival
Jeonju International Film Festival

The 6 Days Struggle at the Myong-Dong Cathedral:
Forum, Berlin International Film Festival
Woonpa Award, Busan International Film Festival

The Sanggyedong Olympics:

Before the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the Korean government pushed redevelopment plans in many parts of the city, including the neighborhood of Sanggyedong. Poor residents were suddenly faced with forced eviction; and resistance to home demolition was met with violence. Kim Dong-won lived with the Sanggyedong community for three years and recorded their long fight against displacement and systemic oppression in this groundbreaking short that is hailed as one of the earliest and most representative works of Korean independent documentary filmmaking.

This film will be screened with The 6 Days Struggle at the Myong-Dong Cathedral.


The 6 Days Struggle at the Myong-Dong Cathedral:

On the evening of 10th June 1987, a group of protesters evaded the police by taking refuge at Seoul’s Myeongdong Cathedral and began a sit-in protest. Thus begins the June Democracy Movement which would topple South Korea’s military dictatorship. A decade onwards, Kim Dong-won’s documentary reflected on the significance of this crucial six-day showdown through news reports, archival footage, interviews and first-hand accounts from participants—and how a protest in a downtown church would eventually change a nation.



Kim Dong-won
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