No Name Stars
South Korea / 2010 / 104 min
In Korean with English subtitles
Busan International Film Festival
Seoul Independent Film Festival
Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival

In May 1980, the city of Gwangju rose in protest against the military dictatorship. What started as a student protest became a citywide movement as civilians rushed to protect their own from a brutal crackdown that killed hundreds. The Gwangju Uprising is a watershed moment in Korean history, paving the country’s eventual road to democracy and serving as inspiration for films like A Taxi Driver. For the people of Gwangju, it’s more than a history lesson but an enduring memory of brave unity and painful losses. Looking back three decades later, this documentary explores the personal and collective memories of the everyday people of Gwangju who fought back, as well as the challenges in preserving the legacy of the Gwangju Uprising.


Kim Tae-il
14/11 6:05PM Broadway Cinematheque
19/11 7:40PM PALACE ifc
22/11 5:40PM Broadway Cinematheque