Tour of Duty
South Korea / 2012 / 150 min
In Korean with English subtitles
Special Jury Prize, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
Busan International Film Festival
MoMA Documentary Fortnight

For as long as there have been U.S. army bases in South Korea, there have been “camptowns” that service the interests of American GIs – in particular sexual services. Directors Park Kyoung-tae and Kim Dong-ryung reveal the dark legacy and devastating effects of the sex trade in U.S. military camptowns through the painful, unsettling testimonies of three former prostitutes. Employing a unique, experimental approach that eschews genre convention, this documentary transforms readily in its presentation, from traditional interviews to fiery narration over symbolic imagery to performance art, to evoke the ghosts of past and present that haunt the women.


Park Kyoung-tae
Kim Dong-ryung
12/11 9:15PM Broadway Cinematheque
22/11 2:55PM Broadway Cinematheque