South Korea / 2020 / 74 min
In Korean with English subtitles
DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

At the age of 16, Kim Soon-ak was tricked into leaving her village and forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese military. After the war ended, her anguish and battles continued. With nowhere to turn, she chose prostitution. Through the years, she would take on different identities: prostitute, single mother, brothel madame, maid and, finally, feisty grandmother seeking justice. Director Park Moon-chil Emmanuel vividly reconstructs Kim’s complicated life story through archival video, interviews, animation and recitation of her testimonies by #MeToo survivors. In doing so, the documentary aims to recognize the complete experiences of comfort women, including the impact on their lives afterwards and how to carry on their legacy.


Park Moon-chil Emmanuel
* 13/11 7:55PM Broadway Cinematheque
21/11 2:00PM PALACE ifc