Midnight Fly
Hong Kong / 2001 / 110 min
In Cantonese and English with English and Chinese subtitles
Nominated for Best Supporting Actor & Best Original Film Score, Hong Kong Film Awards
Nominated for Best Actress, Golden Horse Awards
Best Original Film Song, Golden Horse Awards

Anita Mui turns in a rare English-speaking performance as an emotionally-scarred woman at a crossroads in life. Lamenting her failing marriage, Hongkonger Michele vacations alone in France only to befriend Miki, a younger Japanese woman going through her own relationship troubles. The two commiserate and bond over their male miseries, and even extend their trip together to Morocco. But their journey reveals to them a surprising connection, and an even more surprising fate. Well-known for his ability to tell women’s stories, director Jacob Cheung explores the unlikely relationship between two vastly different women in this atmospheric, beautifully-shot melodrama.

Jacob Cheung
Anita Mui
Simon Yam
Risa Junna
Shaun Tam
30/10 1:30PM B+ cinema apm