Kim Min-young of the Report Card
South Korea / 2021 / 94 min
In Korean with English subtitles
Korean Competition Grand Prize, Jeonju International Film Festival

Back in high school, Jeong-hee, Min-young and San-na were in a poetry circle together, but they put this hobby and their friendship on hold to focus on the university entrance exams. Fast forward a year, and Jeong-hee, working part-time after flunking her exams, goes to see Min-young for the first time in a long while, hoping for things to be like before — only to discover her friend obsessed by her grades, the harsh realities of her present rendering the past as simply passe. The feature-length directorial debut of Lee Jae-eun and Lim Ji-sun presents a report card on young women at a crossroads, delicately drawing out the changing lives and friendship of three girls who make different choices as they come of age.

Lee Jae-eun
Lim Ji-sun
Kim Joo-ah
Yoon Seo-young
Lim Jong-min
Son Da-hyeon
05/11 8:00PM Broadway The ONE
* 13/11 12:15PM Broadway Cinematheque