The Whistleblower
South Korea / 2014 / 114 min
In Korean with English subtitles

Based on the notorious scandal of Hwang Woo-suk, who fabricated his stem cell research to attain fame and fortune, The Whistleblower tensely recounts the intrepid reporting that brought about a national hero’s fall from grace. While the public lauds Lee Jang-hwan for his success in cloning human stem cells, news producer Yoon investigates him for unethical practices. Yoon receives a shocking tip from a whistleblower, but is the world ready to hear an inconvenient truth? Demonstrating the dangers of media manipulation and the costs of telling the truth, this powerful investigative drama takes Yim Soon-rye’s socially conscious filmmaking to a thrilling new level.

Yim Soon-rye
Park Hae-il
Yoo Yeon-seok
Lee Gyoung-young
31/10 9:50PM Broadway Cinematheque
08/11 7:40PM Broadway The ONE