Keeping the Vision Alive: Women in Korean Filmmaking / Promenade in the Rain
South Korea / 2001 / 53 min,; South Korea / 1994 / 14 min
In Korean with English subtitles

Keeping the Vision Alive: Women in Korean Filmmaking

Yim Soon-rye presents the visions and voices of fellow female pioneers in a male-dominated film industry that has often been less than welcoming to women. Through anecdotes and interviews with film industry workers, this spirited documentary chronicles the history of women in Korean filmmaking, from the first female director, Park Nam-ok (The Widow, 1955), to more recent names like Byun Young-joo. Keeping the Vision Alive candidly relays the experiences and obstacles women encounter in a conservative industry and society, while encouraging and celebrating the achievements of the tenacious trailblazers who opened the door for many more.


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Promenade in the Rain

Yim Soon-rye announced her arrival as one of South Korea’s leading filmmakers with this moody short that took the top prize at the 1st Seoul Short Film Festival. Jung-ja works as a ticket clerk at an old theatre on the outskirts of town. On a summer’s day, she waits at the theatre for a blind date who may not show up. When she impulsively follows a man onto the streets, the rain suddenly comes down on her. Simple yet telling, Promenade in the Rain juxtaposes the cinematic fantasy and unfulfilling reality of a woman in her 30s who is deemed past her prime for marriage.

Yim Soon-rye
* 07/11 1:00PM Broadway Cinematheque
11/11 7:40PM Broadway Cinematheque