Cloud Nation
Taiwan / 2015 / 57 min
No dialogue
Taipei Film Festival
Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Located only 108 kilometres off the eastern coast of Taiwan, the island of Yonaguni has been the subject of territorial disputes between nations. Setting all the political noise aside, Huang Hsin-yao stepped onto the island by himself with a camera, listened to the island speak to him, and began to document Yonaguni in its most natural state. Using only 55 shots that feature only nature and animals (the only humans are the ones on campaign posters), Huang captures the true essence of Yonaguni rather than the external forces that seek to claim it for themselves.

* Screened with Nimbus

Huang Hsin-yao
28/10 7:50PM Broadway The ONE
06/11 5:30PM Broadway Cinematheque