13 Oct 2020
Hong Kong Cinema Roundtable

As the coronavirus outbreak wreaks havoc among us, Hong Kong's film industry has been left—yet again—in a very difficult place. As film festival organisers who havethe good fortune to look beyond our shores to draw from the output of Asian countriesfar and wide, we've constantly reflected on what we could contribute to help ourfellow filmmakers at home. And we believe in the meeting of the minds: following thefirst-ever Hong Kong Cinema Forum last year, the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival willcontinue to foster dialogue and debate within the industry by presenting anotherno-punches-pulled panel discussion—this time revolving around actors, a moveechoing our invitation to Terrance Lau Chun-him to serve as our festival ambassador.

Actors and film festivals are similar in the fact that they are conduits: the former helping directors to bring their work to fruition, and the latter serving as a bridge between these finished films with their audiences. Like film festivals, actors could only thrive when good things come their way. With so much uncertainty shaping their every move, how could actors manage to make a breakthrough? What are actors' hopes and fears for the future, as the pandemic hastens the long-mooted transformation of Hong Kong's film and entertainment industry? These are some of the questions our actors' roundtable seeks to address.

Guests: Terrance Lau, Stephy Tang, Louis Cheung, Chrissie Chau, Kaki Sham, Neo Yau