This is How We Lived Here
Taiwan / 2020 - 2022 / 118 min
In Mandarin and Taiwanese with Chinese and English subtitles

The Catch, which won 3 awards at Taipei Film Awards 2021, follows Indigenous Taiwanese migrant workers risking their lives catching eel fries along Lanyang River. In Their Teens, winning Best Documentary Short at Golden Horse Awards2021, focuses on young laborers taking on difficult jobs early, hoping their perseverance and resilience allows them to overcome circumstances to forge a different future. Chronicle of Nowhere is a spiritual journey at abandoned plastic UFO Houses on Taiwan's northern coast. Through presenting visuals of the architecture in various mediums, we see lost dreams of the past, repetition and futility of lives.


  1. The Catch

Hsu Che-chia / 2021


  1. In Their Teens

Lin Yu-en / 2020


  1. Chronicle of Nowhere

Chen Chun-tien / 2022

* 05/11 4:20PM Broadway Cinematheque
13/11 7:30PM Broadway Cinematheque
23/11 9:35PM Broadway Cinematheque