TIDF Asian Vision Competition
China, Japan / 2020 / 77 min
In Cantonese and Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles

Stretching out different faces of Asian documentary films through two distinct independent works. Vigeo Cannonball Run 2016 uses Cantonese narration and freestyle editing to immerse viewers in a deeply personal journey through memories. It reconstructs and retells both the filmmaker's own youth experiences traveling the Pearl River Delta, as well as hidden histories of the region's people and places. Transparent, I Am blends mediums like 8mm and 16mm film, home videos and stop motion animation, assembled by a schizophrenic director, to expose the inner turmoil of living with the illness. Presented as an impressionistic stream-of-consciousness, it portrays the frantic struggles and terrors of grappling with severe mental illness on a daily basis.


  1. Vigeo Cannonball Run 2016: Xi'nan, Nanshan, Sankeng, Liuhe, Datang Running 96 km for the Northernmost Trip

"Xiongzaixia" Tan Jiahao / 2020 / China



  1. Transparent, I am.

Yuri Muraoka / 2020 /Japan

04/11 4:30PM Broadway Cinematheque
17/11 8:15PM Broadway Cinematheque
22/11 8:20PM Broadway Cinematheque