Hong Kong In The Lens By Asian Directors
Duration: 52 min

With the support of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, we are delighted to show you a series of microfilms, “Hong Kong In The Lens By Asian Directors”, directed by multiple renowned directors from Asia. Each with their own style and individualistic take, the directors capture the essence of the city, all inspired by the beauty of Hong Kong.


  1. Hong Kong, Within Me

South Korea / 2023 / 16 min

In Korean with Chinese and English Subtitles


Dir: Kang Yoon-sung

Cast: Woo Hye-rim, Hwang Chan-sung


The brain behind The Outlaws and Big Bet, Kang Yoon-sung takes on a whole new frontier—fantasy. Hye-rim finds herself trapped in a never-ending dream—meeting an old friend, discovering new places and creating fond memories, and the day repeats. But how can she return to reality? Or does she actually want to stay here forever?


  1. Toss Coin


Philippines / 2023 / 13 min

In Filipino with Chinese and English Subtitles


Dir: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Cast: Alexa llacad, KD Estrada


The director of Hello, Love, Goodbye, outdoes herself again with another rom-com film. All it takes is one coin flip and one lie, and it leads Riah down a memory lane of her ex-boyfriend. She revisits all their special places, hoping to bump into him again and to rekindle their love. But will this lead her back to him or the beginning of anew journey?


  1. Zi Mui


Thailand / 2023 / 23 min

In Thai with Chinese and English Subtitles


Dir: Nattawut Poonpiriya

Cast: Cris Horwang, Ploi Horwang


The director behind the box office hit Bad Genius presents a story that takes place at night in Hong Kong. In hopes to wake their father up, the sisters, Abb and May, set off on a journey in search of their father's past love. With such a drastic difference in personality, the sisters each take matters into their own hands to find her. Will they succeed?

* 10/11 6:30PM Broadway Cinematheque
* 10/11 7:40PM PALACE ifc