MxM 10th Anniversary Screening 1
Duration: 108 min

MxM has combined music with microfilms over the past decade, allowing directors to showcase their talents. Past winning films, 42M, The Future Past, and Just Another Day, portrayed the affection between father and children. Break Up Planner assists clients in parting ways with partners. Hell of Mirrors uses a third-person perspective to reveal the truth of past events. In Tomorrow is Not Promised, four individuals collaborate to escape from a robbery. In Bless You, a community testing center staff finds joy in repetitive work. ALOHA picks up terrifying yet touching phone calls.


1st Edition Gold Award

Break Up Planner

Dir: Chris Ng

Singer: Frederick Cheung


2nd Edition Gold Award


Dir: Chan Oliver Siu Kuen

Singer: Kandy Wong


7th Edition Tier 1 Gold Award

Just Another Day

Dir: Marcus Told

Singer: Danny Chin


8th Edition Tier 1 Gold Award

Tomorrow is Not Promised

Dir: Liu Lap Chi Nick

Singer: Carrier


10th Edition Tier 1 Gold Award

Bless You

Dir: Cheng Kai Lai

Singer: O3


6th Edition Tier 2 Gold Award

The Future Past

Dir: Alan Wai - Lun Cheng

Singer: Sugar Club


7th Edition Tier 2 Gold Award

Hell of Mirrors

Dir: Chucky Kom

Singer: Sammy Sum


10th Edition Tier 2 Gold Award


Dir: Frankie Lee

Singer: Terence Siufay





* 28/10 2:00PM MOViE MOViE Cityplaza