And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Taiwan / 2022 / 90 min
In Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles
Golden Horse Awards Best Documentary Feature

One day in 2017, Quoc Phi Nguyen, a young Vietnamese “runaway migrant worker”, was reported for an attempted car theft. He suffered nine shots fired by a police officer and died after being delayed in sending to the hospital. While the general public supported the police’s actions, the other side of the story slowly reveal itself – why did Nguyen become an undocumented worker in Taiwan? What made the police officer fire nine shots at the unarmed, naked Nguyen at the scene? And why did the paramedics leave him unattended for 30 minutes before treating him? This Golden Horse Best Documentary investigates the inequality and injustice faced by migrant workers through the death of Nguyen, bringing to the fore the nakedness of discrimination and the challenges to humanity. 

Tsai Tung-lung
21/11 7:45PM Broadway Cinematheque
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