13 Oct 2023
HKAFF 2023 Grand Opening!

20th HKAFF Opening Ceremony
Presentations of Opening Films Cobweb, Time Still Turns The Pages, and In Broad Daylight

Happy 20th Anniversary to HKAFF! Our annual theme for the 2023 edition is "Joy Rekindled in the Cineverse", and it is our hope to bring back the joy of theatre-going to the audience through our curated showcase of brilliant Asian films.

On 13 October, our Festival Ambassadors Chung Suet-ying and Sabrina Ng were joined by guests of our three Opening Films, including Song Kang-ho, the newly crowned Best Actor at Cannes for Cobweb; creative team from Time Still Turns The Pages -- Lo Chun-yip, Ronald Cheng, Hanna Chan, Rosa Maria Velasco, Sean Wong, Curtis Ho, Sabrina Ng and director Nick Cheuk; and creative team from In Broad Daylight -- David Chiang, Jennifer Yu, Leung Chung-hang, Rachel Leung, Chan Charm-man Peter, Chou Henick, Bowie Wu Fung and director Lawrence Kan; as well as Derek Yee, who served as producer for both of the latter local films.

Log in to the HKAFF official Youtube channel for highlights of the ceremony! (Viewing link)