15 Oct 2023
Event Recap: Master Class by Song Kang-ho



Cannes Best Actor, Korean film star Song Kang-ho opened HKAFF with his new film Cobweb, and sat down with guest speaker and actress Karena Lam at his Master Class at the Hong Kong Baptist University, moderated by Chung Suet-ying.

Song Kang-ho said that he has been a fan of Hong Kong film of the 1980s and 90s since he was young, just like many Korean cinephiles. Hong Kong is like a city that he sees in his dreams, which he has hoped nothing but the best for.

Karena Lam was curious about Song's method of realistic acting, to which Song responded that he usually does not take reference from people in real life, even though he may not fully understand the background of the roles he plays. He thinks that this is too much like a "model answer", and he prefers to figure it out by himself, with his own way. 

Song and director Kim Jee-woon have been "partners in crime" for 25 years, and Cobweb is their fifth collaboration. Song recalled that it has always been an anxious experience to work with director Kim, as they embark on a cinematic journey of unknown every time. Song's role in Cobweb, "director Kim", was said to be inspired by Korean director Kim Ki-young. Song mentioned that it's true there's reference to director Kim's signature work The Housemaid (1960) planted in his new film, but Cobweb is more about tributing the Korean film industry of the 1970s.

This year at HKAFF, we are celebrating the Kim-Song duo with a special selection showing 4 films in addition to Cobweb. Don't miss the chance!