21 Oct 2023
Gala Presentations - Abang Adik



The creative team of Abang Adik -- director Jin Ong, producer Angelica Lee, lead cast Wu Kang-ren, Jack Tan and Serene Lam attended the Q&A sessions post-screening of the film, shown on 19 October.

Director Jin Ong shared that his filmmaking experience has always been related to portraying marginalised communities in the society. By designing the character Abang to be a deaf-mute, Ong hopes to reveal the power of the silent cryout by the underprivileged. Award-winning actress Angelica Lee, serving as a film producer for the first time, said she was excited to receive the invitation and accepted the challenge. She felt that "director Ong is a person full of love", and strived to assist him to realise this film project with all the resources she was able to mobilise. 

Wu Kang-ren delivered very powerful acting in the film, an audience even declared that she will be so angry if Wu couldn't win Best Actor at the upcoming Golden Horse Awards. Wu was flattered and thankful to the love from his fans, and recalled that he actually fought for the role, which he held really close to his heart. He emphasised the importance of sign language in the film, and he hoped to deliver a performance that is strong enough to the level where the audience can fully get the emotions even though they do not know sign language. Director Ong also remarked that Wu was always able to surprise him with his natural but powerful acting, so he tended to let the camera roll on for a while longer in every take to allow more space for Wu.

Jack Tan, who played Wu's younger brother Adik in the film, shared that he sometimes would relive the character's emotions as he could still feel the hurt inside, even making him unable to watch the ending until recently. Serene Lam, starring as the social worker, also shared her experience about playing the role, which hit her with heaviness and helplessness.